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COVID-19 Survey Series: Monitoring Canadian business during the outbreak and recovery

Canada’s only B2B omnibus service

For reliable and accurate results without the cost of custom business survey, the Monitor offers our clients the flexibility they need.


  • Sample of 800+ business leaders
  • All enterprise types
  • Regionally representative and bilingual

Demographics and Business Profile

  • Seniority, role, responsibilities
  • Business size and tenure
  • Sector and region


  • Expert question design
  • Analytic report
  • Cross-tabular data


  • Proprietary questions 
  • Targeted sampling 
  • Custom cross-tabs

Continuous Monitoring of Canadian Business Response to the Pandemic

Launched at the start of the pandemic, periodic surveys for duration of outbreak and recovery. Continuous monitoring of:

  • Impact of pandemic
  • Business survival and coping with a rapidly evolving landscape
  • Response to changing public health restrictions and other government initiatives
  • Ongoing tracking of benchmarks

Subscription details

Detailed report for each survey, including tracking analysis.

Each report is available for purchase

Packages available:

  • Discounts for multiple reports
  • Limited opportunity to purchase questions on upcoming surveys
  • Cross-tabular data

Powered by the Modus Business Panel

Each omnibus survey for the Business Monitor is conducted via the Modus Business Panel.

Developed in partnership with Deloitte, the Modus Business Panel is Canada’s gold standard for B2B research. The Panel is the only purpose-built B2B research panel in Canada and is uniquely recruited using rigorous and innovative probability sampling techniques.

The Modus Business Panel is a big step up in representativeness and accuracy from other ‘business’ panel offerings, which rely on opt-in recruiting or lobby group member lists.