Omnibus Surveys

Canadian Business and Public Omnibus Survey Services

Omnibus survey services from Modus Research are ideally suited for academic, management consultants and other discerning clients who need a cost-effective solution to their research needs. By using a shared survey platform, clients can add proprietary questions while sharing the survey costs with others.

Our omnibus surveys are powered by research panels that are engineered to be scientifically rigorous (i.e., recruited using 100% telephone random probability-based sampling) and managed by leading experts in survey design and execution. We run two omnibus services – the Canadian Public Omnibus, and; The Business Monitor. Both of these services provide:

  • Proprietary questions without the cost of a custom survey
  • Reliable and accurate probability-based samples
  • Expert design advice
  • Extensive demographic profiles of respondents

Even with the superior quality of our data, pricing for our omnibus surveys is highly competitive.

Canadian Public Omnibus

Market research omnibus

Monthly, nationally representative survey of 1,000+ Canadians.

Representative across a broad spectrum of demographics (age, region, immigration status, household type, dwelling, home ownership etc.).

A robust array of demographic profile data.

Powered by Modalis – a unique probability-based research panel of the Canadian public.

The Business Monitor

B2B omnibus

Quarterly, nationally representative omnibus survey of 600+ Canadian enterprises.

All levels of management with a high incidence of c-suite and senior executives. All organizational sizes across all regions.

Extensive enterprise-level profile data.

Powered by the Modus Business Panel – Canada’s only purpose-built, probability-based B2B panel.


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