What we do

Innovative & reliable  business research


Modus is the industry leader in B2B research

Modus provides:

  • Expert study, sample and questionnaire design that yield accurate and reliable results
  • Multiple methods for data collection: IVR, SMS, Phone and Onliners
  • Complex statistical analysis
  • Custom data analysis and presentations
  • High-level executive interviewing and focus groups from experienced professionals

Our seasoned experts give sound, honest advice and guidance on investigating business trends and best practices.

Business and Executive Research

We know the high cost and difficulty of conducting traditional business and executive research.

We revolutionized the process with the Modus Business Panel. This purpose-built panel provides cost savings and higher data quality for our clients.

Enterprise research is not for the uninitiated or inexperienced. It requires:

  • Meticulous sample design, selection and management
  • Expert questionnaire design
  • High-level executive interviewing skills

The expert approach is vital. Enterprise research requires touch points with busy executives or the valued customers/stakeholders of our clients’ companies.

Panel Research

Modus panels always:

  • Strictly adhere to scientific sampling
  • Are multi-modal (online, telephone, mobile, SMS)
  • Are reliably projectable (probability-based)

The Modus Business Panel is unique in that it:

  • Is purpose-built
  • Is randomly sampled
  • Has very high response rates
  • Has an over representation of large companies
  • Soley consists of real world respondents
  • Can drill down into different company sizes, locations, sectors

Specific needs?

We create proprietary, custom and specialized panels using the same methodology that created our Modus Business Panel.

The key benefits of our approach are:

  • The ability to reach scarce audiences in an economical fashion
  • A fully representative panel
  • Fully projectable results with a known margin of error
  • Low cost per interview
  • Industry-leading panel management

Here’s an example of a customized panel

Your internal list of clients is not a sufficient base to measure performance. Including your competitors’ customers will result in a more robust evaluation. Modus can create and manage a blended, customized panel of both audiences to address your needs.

We create the panel and manage it.

We can also:

  • Administer the surveys
  • Process the data
  • Carry out analysis

Stakeholder and Client Research

As researchers with a wide range of experience in stakeholder and client research, we understand that researchers must be sensitive to relationship management. We have experience managing research with the most sensitive client groups (e.g., private banking clients), one area where the continual involvement of senior research professionals is critically important. We have developed a range of performance metrics to help our clients add value to their stakeholder and client relationships.

Baseline and Tracking Research

The Modus team has developed and managed an impressive array of baseline and tracking studies for a wide range of clients. Developing effective and stable tracking measurement requires the utmost attention to detail at the baseline stage. We typically combine extensive client consultation and qualitative diagnostic work with in-depth quantitative testing for baseline measurement.