Have you received a call from Modus?

Why is Modus Research calling me?

We call the public solely for survey research. We were calling either about a survey or to invite you to join one of our research panels.

I have an unlisted telephone number. How did you obtain it?

Your number was generated randomly from publicly available telephone exchange numbers (the first three digits after the area code) in Canada. Randomly generating numbers in this way ensures that everyone has an opportunity to participate in our surveys, but inevitably includes unlisted telephone numbers.

My telephone number is on the national Do Not Call list. Why was it called?

Survey research calls are exempt from the national Do Not Call list. This is to help ensure that survey research does not systematically exclude people from legitimate surveys. Modus maintains its own internal Do Not Call list.

How can I remove my telephone number from your calling list?

If we contacted you about a survey and you would like your number permanently added to our DO NOT CALL list send an email to DNC@ModusResearch.com or call us toll-free at 1-800-254-6944, ext. 3.