Business Research

Modus Research is Canada’s leading provider of business research.

We revolutionized the way in which business research is conducted in Canada with the Modus Business Panel – Canada’s only purpose-built, probability-based B2B reach panel. The Modus Business Panel was developed in 2016 in partnership with Deloitte Canada.

We know the high cost and difficulty of conducting traditional telephone business research (we did it this way for many years). The innovative, purpose-built Modus Business Panel provides significantly higher data quality than the traditional approach at a much lower cost. Business panel members only ever complete business surveys. We do not hive our business respondents off a consumer panel – just real business people providing real business answers.

Enterprise-level research is not for the uninitiated or inexperienced. It requires a high level of expertise.

Business research needs:

  • Meticulous sample design, selection and management
  • Expertise in business questionnaire design
  • Advance weighting and statistical know how
  • High-level executive interviewing skills
Business research expertise

The expert approach is vital for business research projects and Modus delivers. Enterprise-level research involves sensitive touch points with busy executives or our clients’ valued customers/stakeholders. Expertise is paramount.

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