Not just an online research panel

Omnichannel, multimodal, scientific

Modalis is unique. Every panel member is recruited using random probability sampling. No exceptions.

Modalis panel members are recruited by calling their cellphone number. This means that we can conduct surveys with every Modalis panel member by telephone, SMS texting and, yes, online too! We can even do in-person interviewing and focus groups with any of our panelists.

Every Modalis panel member is screened by a live in-house interviewer and come from a known universe. Modalis = real respondents.

A total commitment to scientific sampling and affordability

With the Modus approach, Modalis maintains complete fidelity to scientific sampling while being cost-efficient.

  • Accuracy and reliable projectability
  • Cost-competitive with much lower quality offerings on the market
  • Confidence: margin of error is calculable and valid
  • Real respondents, real data

Say good-bye to learning effects

Learning effects are a dirty little secret in the market research panel business. Panelists are typically inundated with all manner of surveys.

Our panels — Modalis and the Modus Business Panel — are completely distinct from one another. In addition, Modalis will maintain the same light touch pledge we uphold with the Modus Business Panel — panel members will participate in surveys no more frequently than once a month.

Launching in November 2021

Modalis is being developed in partnership with Deloitte Canada.

It will be available to discerning clients starting in November.
Please contact us to reserve space and obtain a quotation.