Canadian Public Omnibus

Market research omnibus

A monthly omnibus survey providing real answers from real people

The Canadian Public Omnibus is ideally suited for academic, management consultants and other discerning clients who need a cost-effective solution to their research needs without compromising quality. This omnibus survey runs monthly.

Modus omnibus surveys are powered by research panels that are engineered to be scientifically rigorous (i.e., 100% random probability-based telephone recruiting) and managed by leading experts in survey design and execution. As such, there is no need to compromise data quality when using an omnibus.

Features of the Canadian Public Omnibus
  • Proprietary questions with expert design consultation and development
  • A reliable and accurate probability-based sample from the Modalis Public Opinion research panel
  • An extensive demographic profile of respondents

Even with the superior data quality from our Modalis panel, pricing for the Canadian Public Omnibus is highly competitive.

Next Edition

Launches March 18
  • Monthly, nationally representative omnibus survey of 1,250 Canadians powered by Modalis Public Opinion.
  • Survey data that is representative across a broad spectrum of demographics.
  • Each survey is administered in English and French with invitations delivered via email and SMS.
  • Response rates exceeding 25%.
Why use an omnibus?

The key advantage to an omnibus survey is the shared costs. By using a shared survey platform, clients can add proprietary questions while sharing the survey costs with others. We are meticulous about how we position client questions within our omnibus surveys. It is very important to mitigate any sequencing bias, a key potential weakness of using an omnibus.