Canadian Public Omnibus October Edition Launches on the 18th

Market research omnibus

The next edition of our public opinion omnibus will launch on October 18. Client proprietary questions are due by the 14th.

The Canadian Public Omnibus is ideally suited for discerning clients who need a cost-effective solution to their research needs without compromising survey data quality. Uniquely, all Modus omnibus surveys use research panels that we developed using 100% random probability-based telephone recruiting.

Next Edition

October is now fully booked
  • Nationally representative survey of 1,000+ Canadians powered by Modalis Public Opinion.
  • Expert question design consultation and development
  • Survey data that is representative across a broad spectrum of demographics.
  • Response rates exceeding 25%.

Even with the superior data quality from Modalis Public Opinion, pricing for our omnibus is highly competitive.