Canadians are polarized on easing COVID restrictions

Canadians left, right and centre are polarized on easing COVID public health restrictions
Toronto, April 7, 2022

Polarization on easing COVID restrictions runs deep

In the most recent release from Modus Research, Canadians are sharply divided on COVID public health restrictions.

For or against with few Canadians in the middle

On a range of public health restrictions – eliminating vaccine passports, removing masking requirements, vaccine mandates – Canadians are sharply divided on easing restrictions.

Rarely do we find such consistent polarization among Canadians. There are very few sitting on the fence when it comes to easing COVID restrictions. Canadians are either for it or against it in almost equal numbers.

Divisions are most pronounced across left and right

Left and right are almost equally opposed or supportive of easing COVID restrictions, respectively.

Those self-identifying as on the left are most strongly opposed to lifting restrictions, while those on the right most strongly favour lifting restrictions. Interestingly, those in the centre – the majority – are evenly polarized.

Seniors, university educated and women are most strongly opposed to easing restrictions

While demographic differences on easing restrictions are not as pronounced as political orientation, the survey finds that opposition to easing COVID restrictions is strongest among those over 65 years of age, individuals with a university degree, and women.


Modalis is made up of real respondents drawn randomly from the Canadian population. These latest results are based on a sample of over 1,200 Canadians with an actual margin of error of +/- 2.8 per cent at a 95% confidence interval. The survey was conducted between March 1 and 18, 2022.