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New survey from Modus Research shows big gaps in managers’ plans

TORONTO, CANADA, December 2016

A new survey conducted by Modus Research shows that less than 40% of managers and executives in organisations with fewer than 100 employees have company pension plans. These firms account for two-thirds of employment in Canada. Even amongst all organisations only 50% are covered. Maybe as a result, only 50% of managers are confident that they will have enough for retirement and 40% do not plan to fully retire. Perhaps even more worrying is that nearly 60% are somewhat or very dependent on real estate for their retirement.

These results came from a survey conducted in December 2016 amongst 840 managers and executives from the Modus Business panel, the only fully representative and randomly sampled panel of all managers and executives across Canada. The results have been weighted by organization size and region and are accurate to within 3% points 95 times out of a 100.

Established in 2012, Modus Research is a full-service research agency that provides clients with actionable feedback from Canadian enterprises based on truly representative samples. Clients doing business with Modus gain access to the Modus Business Panel, Canada’s only purpose-built, fully representative business panel.