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Panel sets new standards for accuracy and affordability in Canadian business research


Modus Research has just launched the Modus Business Panel – the only business research panel that is randomly sampled and fully representative of all managers and executives throughout Canada. This is the first of its kind, not just in Canada but worldwide, and was developed using ground-breaking methodology and technology.

Modus Business Panel members are part of an influential community of managers. They complete surveys on their own time, online, by telephone, or mobile device. Membership is by invitation only – randomly selected unlike other research panels.

“Companies are interested in what Canada’s managers and executives really think”, says Charlie Graves, President and CEO of Modus Research. “By leveraging the expertise of our in house research and software development team, we provide our clients with an affordable and reliable solution”.

Traditionally, B2B research has been based on workplace telephone interviewing, which is costly and disruptive to respondents, or on general public opt-in panels, which are unreliable and unrepresentative. With our Business Panel, Modus has overcome both of these obstacles and made business and executive research at once more affordable and more reliable than the alternatives.

“Part of our commitment to panel members is that we will only survey them once a month. This both respects their time and enhances data quality,” says Terry Rawlings, COO of Modus Research

Stay tuned for the results…